Absorb is a flashcards web app for learning new terms and definitions. It is programmed in Javascript and hosted at the link below. The app is only optimized for desktop usage.

Create decks of cards to study and memorize

Absorb lets you create decks of cards to easily study before your important tests. Use the tab key to easily enter new terms and definitions into your study decks without any need to leave the keyboard.

Study Mode

Study mode offers a mix of multiple choice questions and write-in prompts using your terms and definitions



The project deals mostly with card and deck objects.

UML Diagram of Initial Class Plan


The app communicates with a Firebase database to store data and with a Firebase Authenticator to store user account information.

UML Sequence Diagram of Creating a Card

Navigation is performed by Javascript generating, removing, and moving HTML elements.

Wireframe Diagram for Logging-In